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Last Updated: 05/31/19

The Cancer Imaging Archive

The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA) is provided by the Cancer Imaging Program (CIP) as a service to the research community. TCIA de-identifies and hosts a large archive of medical images of cancer that are accessible for public download. The data is organized by a common disease (e.g. lung cancer), image modality (MRI, CT, etc.) or research focus. Collections also include data related to the images such as patient outcomes, treatment details, genomics, pathology, and expert analyses that are also provided or linked to when available. The Cancer Imaging Informatics Lab directs the TCIA service which is implemented through a subcontract with University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. As seen below, TCIA provides dedicated teams to support collections from NCI programs, grants and publications, pathology imaging, the APOLLO project, and clinical trials (through a separated contract with the Imaging and Radiation Oncology Core). CIIL Submission Manager Pamela Angelus serves on the TCIA APOLLO data collection team.


TCIA Contract Implementation Team (UAMS)