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Cancer Imaging Program (CIP)
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Last Updated: 01/29/24

Organizational Structure

The Cancer Imaging Program (CIP) is one of eight major Programs in the Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis (DCTD) of the National Cancer Institute.

The Cancer Imaging Program consists of 5 branches. Each branch has a Branch Chief and associated Program Directors. Because of the cross-cutting nature of many cancer imaging activities, CIP staff often collaborate across branches and are not strictly confined to activities monitored by the branch with which they are formally associated.

CIP Organization Chart

Molecular Imaging Branch — To encourage the development of molecular imaging from basic discovery of methods and agents to their development as preclinical tools and into clinical use in the service of diagnosis and therapy of cancer patients and those at risk.

Imaging Technology Branch — To encourage and nurture the development and translation of medical imaging instrumentation and technology for the diagnosis and therapy of cancer.

Clinical Trials Branch — To promote the study of the efficacy of diagnostic imaging techniques through clinical trials in order to diagnose and treat cancer more effectively and at an earlier stage.

Image-Guided Intervention Branch — To promote the use of imaging techniques in the performance of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Nanodelivery Systems and Devices Branch — To promote the use of nanotechnologies in fundamental studies of cancer biology and in the development of new cancer interventions related to in vitro diagnosis, imaging and treatment of cancer.