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Last Updated: 04/11/23

IND Regulatory & Manufacturing Resources

The Cancer Imaging Program has been creating Investigational New Drug Applications (IND) for imaging agents in order to engage in multi-center clinical trials of these materials. A subset of the documents filed is being made available to the research community to implement routine synthesis of tracers at their own facilities and to assist investigators with the filing of their own INDs. Documents for several tracers are currently available: [18F]-Sodium Fluoride, [18F] fluorothymidine (FLT), [18F] FMISO (1H-1-(3-[18F]-Fluoro-2-Hydroxy-Propyl)-2-Nitro-Imidazole), [18F] FES (16-α-[18F]Fluoroestradiol), [89Zr]-panitumumab, and [18F] DCFBC (N-[N-[(S)-1,3-dicarboxypropyl]carbamoyl]-4-(18)F-fluorobenzyl-L-cysteine).

PET drug information from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can be found here: FDA PET Page

Agents with New Drug Application (NDA) held by NCI/CIP:

Agents with Investigational New Drug (IND) Application held by NCI/CIP:

Manufacturing IND PET agents under the NCI IND:

For investigators who wish to manufacture IND PET agents at their own institutions under the NCI IND for a NCI-sponsored trial:

For additional information, contact:

Ismahan Ugas, B.A.
Sr. IND Manager
Phone: 240-276-6020