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Last Updated: 01/08/24

Cancer Imaging Informatics Lab

The Cancer Imaging Informatics Lab is an FNLCR support team that manages the Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA) subcontract with the objective to increase public availability of high quality cancer imaging data sets for research, support NIH data sharing requirements for the cancer imaging community, enhance reproducibility in research, and create a culture of open data sharing and collaboration among cancer imaging researchers.

The Cancer Imaging Informatics Lab also supports the development of new technologies and methodologies such as clinical imaging data de-identification and curation, radiomics and image characterization, AI and deep learning, and integrative, multi-disciplinary data analysis (e.g. radiogenomics). The Lab provides leadership, expertise, and imaging data support to NIH program activities such as the Quantitative Imaging Network (QIN), Informatics Technology in Cancer Research (ITCR), CPTAC, and APOLLO and NCI efforts to create a Cancer Research Data Commons infrastructure. Data from TCIA collections are also used for image analysis challenges or competitions, e.g., image segmentation or tumor classification.

The Cancer Imaging Informatics Lab has built on its successful support to the NCI/DCTD/Cancer Imaging Program to gain a 5-year commitment from NCI to expand support to include collecting, de-identifying, archiving and making publicly available the imaging data from NCI-supported clinical trials. This effort enables TCIA to establish and manage an additional image data collection center focused specifically on clinical trial data accrual. With the large increase in demand for publicly available de-identified image data with associated clinical and other metadata, there is now an opportunity to substantially increase the value to the research community by making available imaging data with links to clinical trial analyses, associated clinical data and patient outcomes.

Cancer Imaging Informatics Lab Team

John Freymann

Image of John Freymann

John Freymann enjoys enabling research by making high quality curated data available to the community and by encouraging group science and collaboration. He is a Francophile with a background in modeling health policy in developing countries, enjoys travelling and binge-watching Scandinavian crime series.

Justin Kirby
Technical Director

Image of Justin Kirby

Justin Kirby leads projects to improve access to high-quality cancer imaging data and making research more reproducible. In his spare time he likes to brew his own beer and listen to live music.

Brenda Fevrier-Sullivan
Data Workflow Manager

Image of Brenda Fevrier-Sullivan

Brenda Fevrier-Sullivan manages several data acquisition projects and enjoys hands-on curation of imaging data. She is fun to be around and loved by all of her peers.

Pamela Angelus
Submissions Manager

Image of Pamela Angelus

Pam Angelus is a Submissions Manager on the NCI/Leidos team. Her background is in Clinical Trial management and nursing. She likes hiking and spending time zooming with friends and family.

Michelle Tacconelli
Administrative Assistant

Image of Michelle Tacconelli

Michelle Tacconelli is the Cancer Imaging Informatics Lab’s master of all things admin. She can make a mean spreadsheet and keeps John organized (mostly).

Luis Cordeiro
Program Manager

Image of Luis Cordeiro

Luis Cordeiro manages budget, accounting, contracts, and operations. He is the father of two adorable Brazindiancan kids, loves to travel, going to amusement parks, and riding bikes with the family.

Izzy Ugus
Senior IND Manager

Image of Izzy Ugus

Izzy Ugas is a Senior IND Manager, responsible for reporting on and submitting information about products developed by DCTD’s Cancer Imaging Program to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). She also supports the Cancer Imaging Program’s Clinical Trials Branch’s Protocols and Adverse Events Reports.

Betty Levine
Curation Manager, Apollo team leader consultant

Image of Betty Levine

Betty Levine's background is in working with information technology to advance clinical care and medical research and she leads the APOLLO imaging curation team. She is a consultant to the TCIA subcontractor. She enjoys sailing and music and works with DICOM imaging in her spare time.

Ramesh Avula
Technical Project Manager

Image of Luis Cordeiro

Ramesh Avula manages TCIA data submission process, coordinates with the Advisory group to review new dataset proposals. He loves to travel, hiking and biking.