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Last Updated: 10/12/21
Quantitative Imaging Network (QIN)

Selected QIN Publications

Since the inception of the QIN program in 2008, QIN team members have actively published nearly 500 peer reviewed articles in various imaging journals. A profile of recent published articles by specific QIN team can be found under their respective team’s name. Recent representative QIN articles can be found in the QIN special issues in the Journal of Tomography and the Journal of Medical Imaging:





A few selected publications with links

The Quantitative Imaging Network: A Decade of Achievement.
Thomas E. Yankeelov

QIN Benchmarks for Clinical Translation of Quantitative Imaging Tools
Keyvan Farahani, Darrell Tata, Robert J. Nordstrom

Standardization in Quantitative Imaging: A Multicenter Comparison of Radiomic Features from Different Software Packages on Digital Reference Objects and Patient Data Sets
Multiple Authors

The Journal of Nuclear Medicine — Title: Computer Intelligence-Assisted Analysis of PET Images using AutoPercistTM
Richard Wahl

National Cancer Institute, Clinical Trials and Translational Research Advisory Committee (CTAC)
Quantitative Imaging network (QIN) Working Group Report, March 12, 2020

SPIE — Numerical DWI phantoms to optimize accuracy and precision of quantitative parametric maps for non-Gaussian diffusion
Thomas Chenevert