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Last Updated: 10/24/17
Quantitative Imaging Network (QIN)

QIN Activities

Honoring Dr. Larry Clarke

The Journal of Medical Imaging created a special issue honoring Dr. Larry Clarke which exclusively focused on quantitative imaging methods and translational development. The response from the QIN community to contribute to the special issue of JMI was enthusiastic, and manuscripts cover a wide spectrum of research topics.

Interactions between QIN and the National Clinical Trials Network for Translation

QIN is establishing a pathway for directing imaging research towards application of therapy response tools in clinical applications. In order to determine the best ways and means to test quantitative imaging tools in national clinical trial settings, collaborations are underway between the NCTN and the QIN groups. Interactions between QIN and ECOG-ACRIN, Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology, and the NRG Oncology group are under way.

QIN Toolx Challenge

Development, optimization, and validation of quantitative imaging software tools to aid in prediction or evaluation of response to cancer therapy is a central goal of the QIN. An overarching programmatic goal of the network is to use appropriate QIN tools in clinical trials. As a precursor to potential deployment of tools in clinical trials, collaborative projects between QIN teams provide a useful mechanism for peer evaluation for the utility of QIN tools in like environments. A newly designed “ToolX” collaborative challenge provides a systematic evaluation of user experiences in utilization of QIN software tools through tool exchange collaborative projects.

QIBA-QIN Collaboration

The Quantitative Imaging Biomarker Alliance (QIBA) provides a forum for stakeholders to identify needs, barriers, and solutions to develop and test consistent, reliable, valid, and achievable quantitative imaging results across imaging platforms, clinical sites, and time. Stakeholders include the clinical research community, imaging equipment manufacturers, the pharmaceutical industry, government, and medical informatics companies. As the QIN moves from development and optimization of clinical tools for therapy response to challenges of clinical translation and eventual commercialization of the tools, the missions of QIN and QIBA draw closer together. As a result, it is to the benefit of both organizations to begin to work together. Plans are being formulated that will create avenues for sharing goals and strategies in the coming years.

Listings of Recent QIN Challenges

  1. QIN BMMR — Breast Metrics for Measuring Response
  2. Lung CT Segmentation
  3. PET Segmentation Challenge
  4. DSC-MRI DRO Challenge