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Last Updated: 09/11/23

Michael McDonald, M.D.

Michael McDonald, M.D.

Medical Officer

Clinical Trials Branch

Dr. Michael McDonald is a Medical Officer in the Clinical Trials Branch of the Cancer Imaging Program and a Board Certified Nuclear Medicine Physician. He obtained a MS degree in Biophysics and Computational Biology and PhD in Speech and Hearing Science with a focus on signal processing from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His areas of research include targeted theranostic agent development, Monte Carlo simulations and medical imaging device design, prototyping, and systems testing.

He has industry experience in leading clinical development teams and managing clinical trial strategy, design and execution while closely collaborating with clinical operations, regulatory affairs and scientists in discovery research.

In his role as Medical Officer Michael assists in the administration of clinical translational research and phase I-III clinical trials involving imaging biomarker discovery, drug development and radiomics. He also provides consultation to ensure compliance with external review regulations and issues pertaining to the quality of care, including risk management and adverse events reporting and assessment.