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Last Updated: 05/06/21

ARA Guidance

Are you thinking of submitting a P01 or large research project (> $500K in direct costs in any single year of project) to the Cancer Imaging Program?

NOTE: This does not apply to Request for Application (RFA) funding opportunities

Here is what you need to do first:

  1. Write your program director (see links below) or Dr. Robert Nordstrom, Deputy Associate Director, ( with the following information at least 8 weeks before you plan to submit your application. Your letter must include:
    1. Corresponding investigator name and affiliation
    2. The names and affiliations of other key personnel
    3. The title of the research project
    4. The expected submission date for the application
    5. Reasonable estimates of the direct costs for each year of the project
    6. Whether the project will involve one or more clinical trials
    7. Which grant mechanism is being used (P01, R01, U01, etc,)
    8. The FOA to which you are applying
    9. If the application is a revision, the previous application number
  2. 6 weeks before submission of your application, contact your program director or Dr. Robert Nordstrom to set up a conference call meeting between your research team and selected program directors in the Cancer Imaging Program. Some investigators use slides for their discussions. At the meeting, be prepared to discuss the following items:
    1. An abstract of your proposed work. Please address the following points:
      1. What is the nature of your proposed work?
      2. Why is your approach different and important?
      3. What will the reward be when the project is successfully completed?
      4. What are the possible obstacles to progress in the research?
    2. If you are submitting a P01, please include an abstract for each project and core.
    3. Will subcontractors be used? If so who? Estimated costs for each year.
    4. Will major equipment purchases (>$50k) be made? When?
    5. Will you be using any foreign components? If so, which?

Good luck in your research and in the review of your grant application.

Program Director Links in the Cancer Imaging Program: