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Last Updated: 11/19/19
Quantitative Imaging Network (QIN)

QIN Cooperative Agreement

Set Aside Funds in QIN Research

Both program announcements for the Quantitative Imaging Network discuss the requirement to set aside a certain fraction of the requested funds for special collaborative projects with the other members of the network. For the PAR-18-248 announcement, investigators must propose a two-phase effort. The first phase (UG3) will be used to develop and optimize a clinical decision support tool or method useful for measuring or predicting the response of tumors to therapy. The investigator can chose a one-year or two-year effort for this phase, depending on the amount of R&D needed. If a one-year duration is chosen, no set-aside requirement will be imposed on this phase of the project. If a two-year duration is chosen, then 10% of the second-year direct cost must be set aside, to be accessed through a short proposal written to the QIN director and reviewed by NCI program staff. Details of the process are provided in the PAR-18-248 program announcement.

After a successful review of the phase 1 research by program staff, the QIN team will begin the phase 2 effort of validating the method or tool developed and optimized in phase 1. The combination of phase 1 and phase 2 cannot exceed 5 years of effort. For each year of the phase 2 effort, the research team is required to set aside at least 10% of the direct cost budget for that year. The set aside funds will be released to the team when a proposal from the team explaining the collaboration that will be achieved with the funds is approved by program staff. Details of this process can be found in the PAR-18-248 program announcement.

For research teams wishing to forego the development and optimization phased approach and move directly to tool or method validation, PAR-18-919 is available. This is a R01 mechanism for a maximum of 5 years. For each of these years, the research team must set aside at least 10% of its direct cost budget for collaborative efforts with other teams. The set-aside funds will be released on approval of a written proposal discussing the purpose for which the funds will be used. It is advisable to contact the QIN directors to discuss possible uses of the set-aside funds before submitting a formal proposal. The set aside funds must be used in the year they are released. More details on this set aside can be found in the program announcement PAR-18-919.