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Last Updated: 10/28/16

Metrics for Judging Success

The objective of the DCIDE program is to ensure that promising discoveries that would otherwise languish in developmental limbo are rapidly brought to Phase 1 clinical trial. Judging the success of the program will not be straightforward, since there is no obvious comparison group of discoveries in other programs that is equivalent in all relevant particulars to those approved by the DCIDE program. The following measures seem appropriate, in light of the total cumulative expenditures on the program over the initial three years of evaluation:

  • Number of novel imaging agents that achieve IND status, are brought to the clinic or are on their way to clinical use. It is assumed that these agents would not have received a clinical test, at least within a reasonable timeframe, without the DCIDE program. Although DCIDE program candidates by definition lack current industrial interest and therefore are not on a fast-track to the clinic, there is no way to validate the assumption, as some of them might have found their way to clinical trial by routes independent of NCI.
  • Demand by researchers for probes from the Probe Library.
  • Number of agents that are eventually licensed to companies as a result of data made possible by support from the DCIDE Program.
  • Knowledge gained on the relevance of the pre-clinical hypothesis to the behavior of the new agent in the clinic, measured by peer-reviewed publications in medical literature.
  • Total cost of the program over the period of evaluation.