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Last Updated: 10/28/16

Assessment & Oversight

The DCIDE program will be subject to oversight by a group of outside experts acting under the aegis of NCI’s Board of Scientific Advisors. The group will serve the following functions:

  • Project Review. Oversight review of all activity conducted in the DCIDE program at an interval to be determined by BSA.
  • General Advice. Consultation with NCI staff on broad aspects of the program, such as modifications relating to content of applications, adjustment of evaluation criteria as a function of further experience, etc.

In the event that a DCIDE project is overrunning its projected budget in a way that will not readily lead to a desired data endpoint or clinical trials candidate, a status review group will be impaneled to consider the likelihood that further work in the project area will be fruitful. The investigator and NCI staff will present progress to date in a face-to-face forum to between three and five extramural scientists knowledgeable in the area and bound by conflict of interest guidelines. Following the presentation, the group may recommend continuance with new milestones or cessation of the project.