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Cancer Imaging Program (CIP)
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Last Updated: 10/28/16

Radiological Society of America (RSNA): 1999

Cover Page
National Cancer Institute
Biomedical Imaging Program
Cancer Research: Because Lives Depend on It

National Institutes of Health
National Cancer Institute
Biomedical Imaging Program

Biomedical Imaging Program: Update

Organizational comments
Current Programs
Future Plans
Concluding comments

NIH Funding for Imaging

Graph of Millions of Dollars vs years (FY 96, FY97, FY98, FY99) with 3 colors for BIP, NIH-Radiology and NIH Imaging funding levels
BIP varies from $50 million to about $80 million across the 4 years
NIH-Radiology varies from about $100 million to $120 million for 3 years
NIH Imaging varies from $325 million to $340 million for FY97 and FY98

CIP Grant Funding

Graph breaks out the BIP funding shown on the previous slide

NIH Funding For Imaging

Image of CIP Organizational Chart

NCI Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis (DCTD) Cancer Diagnosis Program (CDP)
Biomedical Imaging Program (BIP)

  • Diagnostic Imaging Branch
  • Molecular Imaging Branch
  • Image-guided Therapy Branch
  • Imaging Technology Development Branch

Developmental Therapeutics Program (DTP)
Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (CTEP)
Radiation Research Program (RRP)


10 FTE’s D Sullivan, L Clarke, J Hoffman, A Menkens, B Croft, M Torres, J Smith, L Cooley, S Bowles, L Banh
3 Part-time E Staab, J Tatum, C Langlotz
Further expansion is space limited

Positions available
(of importance to imaging)

NHLBI Program Director
NCI Scientific Review Administrator

Molecular Imaging Publication

Image of top of page of Editoral entitled "Molecular Imaging: Exploring the Next Frontier" by Ralph Weissleder, M.D., Ph.D., which appeared in Radiology 1999;212:609-614.

Recent Programs

A table of recent programs

Programs Awards Amount
RFA: CA-97-020: Cooperative Trials in Diagnostic Imaging (ACRIN) 2 U01 $3.0 M year 1
$22 M Total
RFA: CA-98-024: Development and Application of Imaging in Therapeutic Studies 9 R01’s $2.8 M year 1
$11.6 M Total
CA-98-023: Small Animal Imaging Resource Programs (SAIRPs) 5 R24s $5.3 M year 1
$15.3 M Total

Current Programs(1)

A table of Current Programs (first slide)

Program Awards Awards Amount
RFA: CA-99-002: Planning Grants - Molecular and Cellular Imaging Centers (Pre-ICMICs) 6-8 P20/s $2.4 M year 1
$7.2 M total
RFA: CA-909-004: Molecular and Cellular Imaging Centers (ICMIC’s) 2 P50s per year $4.0 M year 1
$48M Total
RFA: CA-99-015: Diagnostic Imaging and Guided Therapy in Prostate Cancer (Phased Innovation Award) 6-8 R21/R33 $1.6 M year 1
$19.6 M Total
PAR-99_049: Diagnostic Imaging and Guided Therapy in Prostate Cancer: SBIR/STTR Initiative R43/R44 Payline

Current Programs(2)

A table of Current Programs (second slide)

Programs Awards Amount
NCI: CIP/OWH: PA: 99-082 / 083: Development and Testing of Digital Mammography Displays and Workstations (R0I/ SBIR/STTR) R01s, SBIR/STTR Payline
NCI/CIP: PA: 98-008: Exploratory/Developmental Grants for Diagnostic Cancer Imaging (R21s) R21s $5.7 M year 1
PAR-98-101: Innovative Technologies for the Molecular Analysis of Cancer: Phased Innovation Award R21/R33 SBIR/STTR (PAR-98-100) Payline
PAR-98-102: Applications Of Innovative Technologies For The Molecular Analysis Of Cancer R21/R33 SBIR/STTR (PAR-98-103) Payline
PAR-98-010: Bioengineering Research Partnership Programs R01s Payline
PAR-08-009: Bioengineering Research Grants (BRG) R01s Payline
BAA No. N01-CM087065-82 Novel Technologies for Noninvasive Detection, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Cancer Contracts $4 M year 1
$16 M total

Collaborative Programs

A table of collaborative programs.

Programs Awards Amount
PA-98-092: Shared Resources for Scientists Outside NCI Cancer Centers R01 or P01 Payline
NLM 99-103: Visible Human Project Image Processing Tools (NLM) Contracts
RFA: AI-99-004: New Imaging Technologies for Autoimmune Diseases R01s $3.5 M year 1
$17.5 M total
RFA: CA-99-013: Cancer Intervention and Surveillance Modeling Network (CISNET) U01s $1.5 M year 1
$6.0 M total

CTEP Collaborative Programs

A table of CTEP collaborative programs (Cancer Trials E Program)

Program Awards
CTEP Protocol Review Contracts, U01s
CA-98-007: Pediatric Brain Tumor Clinical Trials Consortium U01, imaging required
RFAs for new Centers U54s, imaging required
RFP for Phase I & II clinical trials Contracts, imaging required

CIP Standards Activities

DICOM / Working Group on Clinical Trials Data
RSNA - IHE / RSNA - image archive collaborations
Structured reporting collaborations: DICOM, SNOMED, ACR, RSNA
Image database standards: RFA

NCI - Imaging Industry Relations Forum

Clear description of HCFA decision rules
Policy for conditional coverage of emerging imaging technologies
Re-evaluation of FDA policies, esp. re: tracers or procedures of low risk
Assure full range of NCI support mechanisms for imaging science.

NCI Training Activities

Education and Career Grants

R25 Cancer Education and Career Development Program

R25 Cancer Education and Career Development Program

Institutional award
Salary support for PI and core faculty
Trainee salary up to $75,000
Research support up to $20,000 per trainee
5 yr. grant, renewable
8% indirect

K07 / K08 / K23

K 07 Epidemiology
(limited use by radiology)
K 08 Clinician: Bench science
(limited use by radiology)
K23 Clinician: Patient-oriented (hands-on; obtain consent form)
(no imaging applications yet)
Salary $75,000/ Research $30,000

Training Grants


From 1/97 to 10/99 (6 NCI deadlines)

  • 54.2% of T32 applications submitted to NCI were funded
  • 6.5% of applications submitted were imaging-related
  • 57.1% of imaging-related T32s were funded

T32 Training Grants - Imaging

Years Principal Investigator Title
24 Kuhl, David Cancer Research Training in Nuclear Medicine
17 Wagner, Henry Res. Training in the Use of Tracer Principles in Oncology
14 Brady, Thomas Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
10 Zerhouni, Elias Research Training in Oncology Imaging
7 Glazer, Gary Advanced Techniques for Cancer Imaging
5 Clouse, Melvin Deaconess Research Training in Cancer Radiology
4 Baum, Stanley Training in Innovative Cancer Imaging Technologies
3 Hawkins, Randall Research Training in Diagnostic Oncology
2 Wehrli, Felix Training in Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging
23 Hoffman, Edward Research Training in Biomedical Physics
23 Bedford, Joel Radiological Sciences Basic to Cancer Research
21 DeLuca, Paul U. W. Radiological Sciences Training Program
18 Alpert, Nathaniel Postgraduate Program in Radiological Science
10 Doi, Kunio Research Training in Medical Physics

Research Training Grant Information

Call Brian Kimes
301 496 8537

Future Plans - Devices

Proposed PA: R21/R33 for imaging technology development
RFP for ultrasound research interface
RFA for spiral CT image database
Proposed program to support production of beta units for clinical trials
Proposed additional Centers with technology development component

Future Plans - Pharmaceuticals
(Imaging agents)

Pharmaceutical categories of interest:

  1. Non-PET tracers
  2. PET tracers
  3. Bulk agents (pharmacologic effect)
  4. Radiolabeled therapeutic agents (non-sealed-source agents)

Future Plans - Pharmaceuticals
(Imaging agents)

Proposed program to support development of novel imaging probes.
Proposed program to support R & D necessary for IND, and provide supply needed for clinical trials.

Concluding Comments

Molecular imaging is future priority
CIP funding increased 40 %
More applications lead to more funding
Patient accrual needs attention
Rewards for team science need attention
Think R25 for research training grants

Sources of NCI imaging information to public

Website: URL =

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