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Last Updated: 10/28/16

Next Steps

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Next Steps
27 September 2002
Michael W. Vannier

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Action items

  • Put agenda on website and link slide presentations
  • Enroll attendees on archive-comm-l listserver
  • Update links to database projects on BIP webpage
  • Prepare reports for NCI (to share with others) and publish journal summary

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Action items

  • Monitor and disseminate BIRN progress to radiology / radiation oncology imaging communities
  • Track progress of international image database projects
  • Connect image databases to State-of-the-Science reports and research needs

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Action Items

  • Read XML book(s)

Cartoon of someone reading an x-ray

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Our Legacy
Picture of an island with a lighthouse on it; a cartoon of a barn with a silo has been placed on the island.

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No More Silos
Cartoon expressing silos forbidden

Slide 7

Cartoons showing small safe with coins inside, food cupboard, broken locks, and happy and astonished people.

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Entrez: Neighboring and Hard Links
Retrieval of images and clinical data connected the PubMed abstracts.
Circle of connections between PubMed abstracts [connected to word weight], 3-D structure (MMDB) [connected to VAST], protein sequences [connected to BLAST], nucleotide sequences [connected to BLAST], phylogeny (taxonomy) [connected to phylogeny].

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Thank you
Cartoons of people saying goodbye.