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Last Updated: 10/28/16

Magnetic Resonance

Reports and presentations from CIP workshops and meetings.

NCI CIP MR Workshop on Translational Research in Cancer - Tumor Response
Bethesda, MD, November 22-23, 2004
Workshop agenda
DCE-MRI group consensus recommendations
MRS group consensus recommendations
Workshop participant list

NCI MRI/MRS Strategy Group Meeting on Translational Research in Cancer
(Kyoto, Japan, May 19, 2004)

(NCI/ISMRM) Higher Field MR (1.5 T & Up) in Oncology: Strategic Frontiers in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment
(Moat House Hotel, Glasgow, Scotland, Friday, April 20, 2001)
Agenda and Participants
Workshop Recommendations

Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging Workshop
(November 13, 2000; Planning Meeting - October 28-29, 1999)
Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI--Meeting Report
Consensus Recommendation for Acquisition of Dynamic Contrasted-Enhanced MRI Data in Oncology

Focus Group on Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) in Clinical Oncology
(April 1999) To explore the technical requirements for MRS and the application of hydrogen and multinuclear spectroscopy for tumor response to therapy.