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Last Updated: 10/28/16

Breakout Group 3 — Summary and Discussion

Standards for database structure, organization and communications — and to fulfill regulatory requirements

Data Format(s)

Standard FormatStandard Format
Common Data ElementsCommon Data Elements
Annotations (DICOM or other)Annotations (DICOM or other)
Metadata FormatMetadata Format

Data Quality

Image QualityImage Quality
Process(es) [Peer review]Process(es) [Peer review]
Authoring Tools Authoring Tools


Education UtilizationEducation Utilization
Algorithm EvaluationAlgorithm Evaluation
Support for small/clinical/personal DB Support for small/clinical/personal DB


Move it (transportability)Move it (transportability)
How to deal with the data in the DB (query How to deal with the data in the DB (query vs. actual data vs. actual data xferxfer) )

Can the Image Repository model Tissue banks?

A question that needs actual investigation.