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Last Updated: 10/28/16

Newsletter No. 43 — January, 2001


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  1. Ultrasound Research Interface
    Primary Sponsor: National Cancer Institute
    The Cancer Imaging Program of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) is soliciting sources from ultrasound manufacturers to develop and evaluate ultrasound research interfaces. The purpose of the ultrasound interfaces is to provide expanded control over a wide range of imaging parameters on the host ultrasound imaging system, and thus significantly expand the system’s performance for research applications. It is envisioned that these ultrasound interfaces will be software add-ons to continuously evolving scanner control software on the host ultrasound system. The ultrasound interface software may either run on stand-alone commercial computer systems interfaced to the host ultrasound system, or on the host ultrasound computer system. It is anticipated that specialized computer hardware does not need to be developed. Although the creation of these interfaces may necessarily rely on access to proprietary information, it is envisioned that protective software shells can restrict such access where necessary, while still allowing access to the host system control parameters.
    The following MANDATORY QUALIFICATION CRITERIA must be met at the time of receipt of the Final Proposal Revisions (FPRs) by the Contracting Officer: (a) Each offeror must be a medical imaging company, that designs and develops a product line for medical imaging marketed in the United States, with an ultrasound imaging system as one of its products, and a current model of this system shall be approved for medical applications by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA); and (b) The subcontractor(s) for each offeror shall be from academic institutions with experience in ultrasound research interfaces.
    The solicitation is scheduled for electronic release approximately February 19, 2001. The proposals will be due approximately 45 days following the actual date of RFP issuance. RFP # N01-CM-17004-28 may be accessed through the Research Contracts Branch Home Page by using the following internet address:
    CIP contacts: Larry Clarke and Barbara Croft at telephone number given below.

The Cancer Imaging Program at NCI has created this e-mail distribution list to notify interested people about funding opportunities and other issues related to imaging research. Its primary purpose is to call your attention to important, relevant information on NIH Web pages, or in the NIH Guide. Occasionally it may be used to clarify areas of confusion, or disseminate answers to frequently asked questions.

If you wish to remain on the list, no action is necessary. If you wish to be added to the list (or removed from it), please contact Ms. Johnnie Smith by return e-mail (

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