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Last Updated: 10/28/16

CIP Newsletter No 125 — April 2010

Academic-Industrial Partnerships for Translation of in vivo Imaging Systems for Cancer Investigations (R01) (NCI) (PAR-10-169)
Application Receipt Date(s): Standard dates apply.
This FOA issued by the Cancer Imaging and Radiation Research Programs of the NCI encourages applications from research partnerships formed by academic and industrial investigators to accelerate the translation of either animal or human in vivo imaging, image guided, and/or spectroscopic systems and methods designed to solve targeted cancer problems for cancer research, clinical trials, and/or clinical practice. The partners on each application will establish an inter-disciplinary, multi-institutional research team to work in a strategic alliance to implement a coherent strategy to develop and translate the proposed system or methods with potential for significant impact on preclinical, single, or multisite clinical studies. Partnerships must include at least one lead academic and one lead industrial organization large or small among their numbers.

National Cancer Institute (NCI) Cancer Education and Career Development Program (R25)(NCI) (PAR-10-165)
Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): Standard dates for R25 apply.
This FOA represents the continuation of the Cancer Education and Career Development Program (CECDP) established by the NCI. The purpose of the CECDP is to support the development and implementation of institutional curriculum-dependent predoctoral/postdoctoral programs in the areas of cancer prevention and control, behavioral and population sciences research, nutrition, epidemiology, and/ or biostatistics. See the specific provisions, including the objectives this initiative should NOT be used for.

Paul Calabresi Career Development Award for Clinical Oncology (K12)(NCI) (PAR-10-155)
Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): June 10, 2010; June 10, 2011; June 11, 2012
This FOA issued by the NCI encourages applications for institutional research career development (K12) programs from applicant organizations that propose to promote the training and career development of translational and clinical trials researchers.

NIBIB Biomedical Technology Resource Centers (P41)(PAR-10-153)
Letter of Intent due: 30 days before application receipt date
Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): Standard dates for P41s apply
NIBIB encourages grant applications for Biomedical Technology Resource Centers (BTRC’s) that are funded using the P41 mechanism. BTRC’s conduct research and development on new technologies that are driven by the needs of basic, translational, and clinical researchers. BTRC’s also make their technologies available, train members of the research community in the use of the technologies, and disseminate these technologies broadly.

Transforming Biomedicine at the Interface of the Life and Physical Sciences (R01) (NIBIB, NIGMS, NIAMS) (PAR-10-141)
Letters of Intent Receipt Date(s): April 18, 2010; April 18, 2011; April 18, 2012 (Note: LOI is appreciated, but not required)
Application Due Date(s): May 18, 2010; May 18, 2011; May 18, 2012
The goal of this funding opportunity announcement, issued by the NIH and NSF, is to stimulate quantitative and physical scientists to work with biomedical scientists to transform technological innovation and basic knowledge in the quantitative sciences into new or improved devices or systems for health care.

New Biomedical Frontiers at the Interface of the Life and Physical Sciences (R01)(NIBIB, NIGMS, NIAMS)(PAR-10-142)
Letters of Intent Receipt Date(s): April 18, 2010; April 18, 2011; April 18, 2012 (Note: LOI is appreciated, but not required)
Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): May 18, 2010; May 18, 2011; May 18, 2012
The goal of this funding opportunity announcement, issued by the NIH and NSF, is to encourage grant applications from institutions/organizations that propose discovery research that may create entirely new areas of biomedical investigation through bridging the physical and life/behavioral sciences.

Ancillary Studies in Clinical Trials (R01)(NHLBI) (RFA-HL-10-024)
Letters of Intent Receipt Date(s): April 28, 2010, August 30, 2010, December 28, 2010
Application Receipt Date(s): May 28, 2010, September 30, 2010, January 28, 2011
The purpose of this FOA is to solicit research grant applications to conduct time-sensitive ancillary studies related to heart, lung, and blood diseases and sleep disorders in conjunction with ongoing clinical trials and other large clinical studies supported by NIH or non-NIH entities. The program establishes an accelerated review/award process to support the crucial time frame in which these ancillary studies must be performed.

Other Funding Agencies

DOD Prostate Cancer Laboratory-Clinical Transition Awards (DOD W81XWH-10-PCRP-LCTA)
Pre-application deadline: May 5, 2010
Application deadline: May 26, 2010
The Laboratory Clinical Transition Award supports goal- and product-driven preclinical studies of promising lead agents that have the potential to revolutionize prostate cancer clinical care. This award is intended to fund principal investigators (PIs) who lack support to conduct the preclinical studies needed to advance lead agents to human testing. Examples of lead agents include, but are not limited to: (1) novel chemotherapeutics, (2) antibodies, (3) nanoparticles, and (4) imaging contrast agents.

Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM).
2011 Research Grant
The Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine has announced its support of original research in imaging informatics with two $50,000 grants for 2011. The grants are part of a continuing program that has already produced innovative research that promises benefits throughout the medical enterprise.
2011 Small Grant for Imaging Informatics Training
The SIIM Research and Development Committee offers a $20,000 grant targeted at providing training opportunities in the field of imaging informatics for students and imaging informatics professionals.


Interactive Science Publishing (ISP)
The NLM has been working with the Optical Society of American on a publishing project called Interactive Science Publishing (ISP). The idea is that publishing a PDF on the web is not taking full advantage of web technology. We envision a PDF where, when one clicks on an image, one can manipulate that image. If the 2D published image was derived from a CT or MRI, the entire CT or MRI is delivered so the reader can explore the entire data set including its 3D reconstruction. The free ISP reader supplies all the needed imaging tools. See the April issue of Medical Optics and Biotechnology and article "RECIST versus volume measurement in medical CT using ellipsoids of known size," by Levine, Borchard, et al. Michael Ackerman at the NLM would like feedback (

"Enhancing Peer Review" Information

  1. NIH policy notice amending the policy on submission of late grant application materials in light of Enhancing Peer Review page limits:
  2. Nexus article: Successful transition to new application formats:
  3. Nexus article: Structuring the Research Strategy section of your application:
  4. Details of application changes for Fellowships:
  5. Clarification of Resubmission Policy and Determination of New Application Status (NOT-OD-10-080):

NCI Launches Centers of Quantitative Imaging Excellence Program
NCI is launching a new program to qualify existing NCI designated Cancer Centers with an added attribute -- as Centers of Quantitative Imaging Excellence. This program will significantly decrease potential variability in image procedures done while a patient is undergoing treatment as part of a NCI-sponsored clinical trial.

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Award Levels Adjusted to $150,000 (Phase I) and $1,000,000 (Phase II)(NOT-OD-10-079)

Policy Reminder Concerning Appendix Materials for All NIH/AHRQ/NIOSH Grant Applications (NOT-OD-10-077)

Instructions for Completion and Peer Review of the Vertebrate Animal Section (VAS) in NIH Grant Applications and Cooperative Agreements(NOT-OD-10-027)

Amended NIH Policy on Submission of Late Grant Application Materials Prior to Initial Peer Review (NOT-OD-10-070)
There are shorter page limits. The content of late materials may originate from the PD/PI, Contact PD/PI for multiple PD/PI applications, or organizational officials. However, the communication to the SRO must include the concurrence of the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) of the applicant institution; either the AOR should send the materials directly to the SRO, or the AOR may send their concurrence to the PD/PI who forwards the materials and concurrence to the SRO. A communication from the PD/PI only or with a "cc" to the AOR will not be accepted.

CIP Announcements
The Cancer Imaging Program’s DCIDE program for providing data to investigators for their IND filings is being absorbed by the NCI Experimental Therapeutics Program (NExT). Submissions are due quarterly, on the 15th of February, May, August and November.

The Molecular Imaging and Contrast Agent Database (MICAD) program has been developed as a key component of the NIH Molecular Imaging Roadmap to provide freely accessible online scientific information on in vivo molecular imaging and contrast agents. To accelerate expansion of the database to include all published agents, the MICAD program has implemented a procedure for members of the imaging community to write and submit entries (chapters) as guest authors to the database. All members of the imaging community are encouraged to consider this guest author opportunities. For further information, please contact the MICAD staff at Individual guest authors will be provide with detailed instructions, style guidelines, and a chapter template. The name of the contributing author(s) will be acknowledged and included in the MICAD online publication.


AAPM CT Dose Summit: Scan Parameter Optimization
April 29-30, 2010, Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel, Atlanta, GA

ISMRM/ESMRMB Joint Annual Meeting
May 1-7, 2010, Stockholm International Fairs, Stockholm, Sweden

Ultrasonic Imaging and Tissue Characterization
May 17-19, 2010, Holiday Inn Rosslyn at Key Bridge, Arlington, VA

57th Annual Society of Nuclear Medicine Meeting
June 5-9, 2010, Salt Lake City, Utah
Grantsmanship Session, Saturday, 4:30-6:30 PM

ITART: Imaging for Treatment Assessment in Radiation Therapy
June 21-22 2010, Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, National Harbor, Maryland

CARS 2010 - Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery
24th International Congress and Exhibition
Joint Congress of ISCAS, EuroPACS, CAR, CMI and CAD
June 23 - 26, 2010, University Medical Center, Geneva, Switzerland

2010 NIH Regional Seminars on Program Funding and Grants Administration: Portland, OR
June 23-25, 2010, Portland, OR

Gordon Research Conference: Metals in Medicine
June 27 - July 2, 2010, Proctor Academy, Andover, NH

AAPM 52nd Annual Meeting, July 18-22, 2010, Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA

AAPM Summer School:Teaching Medical Physics: Innovations in Learning
July 22-25, 2010, immediately following the 2010 AAPM Annual Meeting
University of Pennsylvania

7th Annual Memphis BioImaging Symposium, November 4-5, 2010, Fogelman Executive Conference Center, University of Memphis. Tennessee

RSNA Clinical Trials Methodology Workshop
January 15-21, 2011, Scottsdale, AZ
Deadline for application: June 7, 2010

The Cancer Imaging Program at NCI has created this e-mail distribution list to notify interested people about funding opportunities and other issues related to imaging research. Its primary purpose is to call your attention to important, relevant information on NIH Web pages, or in the NIH Guide. Occasionally it may be used to clarify areas of confusion, or disseminate answers to frequently asked questions.

If you wish to remain on the list, no action is necessary. If you wish to be added to the list, please contact Dr Barbara Croft by return e-mail ( Please include your complete mailing address, title, phone and fax numbers.

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