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Last Updated: 05/14/18

Post-Treatment Surveillance Workshop

Powerpoint Slides from the Workshop

Title Presenter
Introduction and Meeting Objectives Lalitha Shankar, MD, PhD
Plenary 1: Overview of current issues in post-treatment surveillance to set the stage for the purpose of the workshop.
NCI Perspectives Jeff Abrams, MD
Screening Breast Cancer Patients for Occult Recurrence: Current Guidelines and Efforts to Change the Dogma Daniel Hayes, MD
Plenary 2: Current issues in IMAGING in post-treatment surveillance.
Overview Mitch Schnall, MD, Ph.D
Anatomic Imaging Larry Schwartz, MD
Molecular Imaging Annick Van den Abbeele, MD
Plenary 3: Current issues in LIQUID BIOPSY in post-treatment surveillance.
The Opportunities and Challenges in using ctDNA in Post Treatment Surveillance James Carl Barrett, Ph.D
Liquid Biopsies with Circulating Tumor Cells: Houston, we have a problem! Howard Scher, MD
Title TBD Siraj Ali, MD, Ph.D
Plenary 4: Current issues from the PATIENT PERSPECTIVE in post-treatment surveillance.
Patient Perspectives on Post-Treatment Surveillance: Overview Paul Jacobsen, Ph.D
Cancer Survivorship: Lost in Transition Erin Price
What Matters Most: A Patient Perspective on Post-Treatment Surveillance. Janet Freeman-Daily