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Past CIP InitiativesRSS

This page lists past opportunities from CIP.

Requests for Application (RFA) are usually announced with special application dates; there is no possibility for applying after that date. Program Announcements (PA, PAR) may be open for a set period of time, such as 3 years or less; applications submitted in response to Program Announcements may be due on the standard dates (February 1, June1, and October 1) or may have special dates for receipt of applications. Please pay attention to these dates. Contact a CIP staff member if you have questions.

  • RFA: CA-01-001: Lung Imaging Database Resource for Imaging Research

    • Release Date: April 10, 2000
    • Application Receipt Date: July 14, 2000
    • Contacts: Barbara Y. Croft, Ph.D. ( at 301-496-9531

    The National Cancer Institute (NCI) invites applications from investigators who are interested in joining a consortium of institutions to develop the necessary consensus and standards for an image database resource and to construct a database of spiral computed tomography (CT) lung images. There is considerable interest in using spiral CT lung scanning for lung cancer screening for patients at high risk. Early detection and intervention may significantly reduce lung cancer mortality rates. The use of image processing methods may be an important adjunct to facilitate spiral CT lung cancer screening. Investigators developing image-processing algorithms need standardized databases with which to work. The generation of standardized databases requires the development of consensus on many issues related to database design, accessibility, metrics and statistical methods for evaluating image-processing algorithms. NCI therefore plans to establish a consortium of institutions, called the Lung Image Database Consortium (LIDC), to develop such consensus and the necessary database.

    • Set aside: $7M over five years, five academic sites.
    • Letter of Intent Receipt Date(s): June 9, 2000

    See full description in NIH Guide:RFA: CA-01-001

  • NCI: CIP/OWH: PA-99-082 / 083: Development and Testing of Digital Mammography Displays and Workstations (R0I/ SBIR/STTR)

    • Release Date: April 01, 1999
    • Application Receipt Date: Regular submission dates
    • Contacts:

    Integrate hardware, software and psychophysics research to optimize displays for digital mammography.

    • No set aside
    • Funded Projects (TBA)

    See full description in NIH Guide:PA-99-082

    See full description in NIH Guide:PA-99-083

  • RFA: CA-99-015 / PAR-99-149 (SBIR/STTR): Diagnostic Imaging and Guided Therapy in Prostate Cancer. Phased Innovation Award (R21/R33)

    • Release Date: October 20, 1998
    • Application Receipt Date: November 17, 1999
    • Contacts: Barbara Y. Croft, Ph.D. ( at 301-496-9531

    Grants are designed to support the development, risk assessment, and application of improved imaging methods for the localization, biopsy and image guided biopsy or therapy of prostate cancer. Relevant investigations could include technology development, in vitro laboratory work, pre-clinical animal studies, or early feasibility testing in humans depending on the maturity of the methods proposed, or evaluation of the effects of age-associated changes and co-morbid conditions as they affect imaging diagnosis and treatment techniques.

    • Letter of Intent : National Cancer Institute and National Institute on Aging Receipt Date: October 20, 1999.
    • $1.6M FY 2000/ $13.6M Total

    See full description in NIH Guide:RFA: CA-99-015

    See full description in NIH Guide:PAR-99-149 (SBIR/STTR)

  • RFA: CA-98-024: Development And Application of Imaging In Therapeutic Studies

    • Release Date: August 14, 1998
    • Contacts: Anne E. Menkens, Ph.D. ( at 301-435-9024

    Support for development and application of labeled therapeutic agents as compounds for imaging studies, and/or metabolic markers of response to therapeutic agents.

    • Reviewed April 1999
    • $2.8 M FY99
    • $11.2 M Total
    • Funded Projects (TBA)

    See full description in NIH Guide:RFA: CA-98-024

  • RFA: CA-97-020: Cooperative Trials in Diagnostic Imaging

    Establish a single national Network of investigators to perform multi-institutional clinical trials in diagnostic imaging.

    Contact ACRIN for proposed imaging protocols

    • Awarded to ACRIN
    • $3.0 M FY99/$23.0 M total

    See full description in NIH Guide:RFA: CA-97-020

  • PA-98-008: Exploratory/Developmental Grants for Diagnostic Cancer Imaging (R21s)

    • Release Date: August 01, 1997
    • Application Receipt Date: Regular submission dates
    • Contacts:

      Anne E. Menkens, Ph.D. ( at 301-435-9024

    Exploratory/development grants (high risk/high impact) that articulate highly innovative research concepts in diagnostic cancer imaging; i.e. generate experimental preliminary data for R01 funding for both new and established investigato

    • No set aside
    • Funded projects (TBA)

    See full description in NIH Guide:PA-98-008