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Cancer Imaging Informatics Workshop

September 25-27, 2002
Bethesda Marriott Hotel

September 25, Wednesday

7:00 pmWelcomeEdward Staab
7:15 pmCollation Goals and Objectives (slides)Michael Vannier
7:30 pmNCBI and the Entrez System (slides)Alex Lash
8:30 pmOverview of Cancer Imaging Databases (slides)Michael Vannier
9:00 pmAdjourn 

September 26, Thursday

7:30 amContinental Breakfast 
7:55 amCancer Imaging Informatics (slides)Ellen Feigal
8:00 amIssues in Large Online Image DatabasesJim Gray
8:45 amCancer Data Standards RepositoryPeter Covitz and
Sharon Settnek
9:30 amNIH CIT Web-Based Image ArchiveEdward Suh
10:00 amCoffee Break 
10:15 amCurrent Image RepositoriesMichael Vannier
10:20 amMammography Databases 
 ACRINRex Welch
 NDMARobert Hollebeek
10:40 amDiscussion of Mammography Databases 
10:50 amLung Image Databases-1 and -2Samuel Armato and Charles Meyer
11:00 amDiscussion of Lung Image Databases 
11:10 amImage Databases for Radiotherapy Quality AssuranceRichard Cumberlin
 WU Image-guided Therapy Center (ITC)Walter Bosch
 QARCT.J. Fitzgerald
 RCETJatinder Palta
11:30 amDiscussion of Radiotherapy Quality Control 
11:40 amEducational Databases, MIRCElliot Siegel and
John Perry
11:50 amDiscussion of Educational Databases 
12:00 pmBiomedical Informatics Research NetworkArthur Toga
 BIRN Testbed for Biological Knowledge InfrastructureBret Peterson
 Building an Image Database for BIRNAmarnath Gupta
1:00 pmLunch 
2:00 pmFDA -- Electronic Submission ProcessSteve Wilson
2:30 pmRSNA IHE and Clinical Trials ProcessDavid Channin
2:45 pmClinical Data Interchange Standards - CDISCRebecca Kush and Michael Vannier
3:00 pmWorld Engineering Anthropometry Resource - WEARKathy Robinette
3:10 pmNational Medical Practice Knowledge BankYanxi Liu
3:15 pmInstructions for Breakout SessionMichael Vannier
3:30 pmCoffee Break 
3:45 pmBreakout Sessions 
 Group 1: Distributed digital image database(s) for cancer screening, diagnosis and therapy 
 Group 2: Linkage of image databases with other forms of biological knowledge 
 Group 3: Standards for database structure, organization and communications -- and to fulfill regulatory requirements. 
 Group 4: Access to databases -- security, confidentiality, ownership 
6:00 pmAdjourn 

September 27, Friday

7:30 amContinental Breakfast 
8:00 amNext Steps (slides)Michael Vannier
8:15 amBreakout Group 1 -- Summary and Discussion (slides)T.J. Fitzgerald and Kevin McEnery
9:00 amBreakout Group 2 -- Summary and Discussion (slides)Curt Langlotz
9:45 amBreakout Group 3 -- Summary and Discussion (slides)Jim Gray and Cecil Charles
10:15 amCoffee Break 
10:30 amBreakout Group 4 -- Summary and Discussion (slides)Bernie Huang and Larry Schwartz
11:15 amSynthesis and Summary (slides)Ron Summers
11:45 amClosing RemarksMichael Vannier