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Programs & Resources

Specialized Initiatives

  • Phase 2 N01 Program

    The Phase 2 N01 Program is a CTEP-CIP collaboration includes 7 contractors, most of whom consist of multi-institutional consortia, and includes a total of 22 NCI-designated Cancer Centers. These sites carry out early clinical trials with CTEP and CIP-held IND agents, with an emphasis on phase 2 trials, but including phase 1 trials as well. These trials include the evaluation of novel imaging agents and methods to enhance the evaluation of novel therapeutics.

  • Network for Translational Research (NTR): Optical Imaging in Multimodality Platforms

    Cooperative agreement (U54) awards to establish Specialized Research Resource Centers that will participate as members of a network of inter-disciplinary, inter-institutional research teams for the purpose of supporting translational research in optical imaging and/or spectroscopy in vivo, with an emphasis on multiple modalities.

  • Small Animal Imaging Resource Program (SAIRP)

    Resource grants that support shared imaging research resources to be used by cancer investigators and research related to small animal imaging technology.

  • In vivo Cellular and Molecular Imaging Centers (ICMICs)

    ICMIC grants facilitate interaction among scientists from a variety of fields to conduct multidisciplinary research on cellular and molecular imaging related to cancer. Pre-ICMIC planning grants have provided time and funds for investigators and institutions to prepare themselves, organizationally and scientifically, to establish ICMICs.

  • Development of Clinical Imaging Drugs & Enhancers (DCIDE)

    DCIDE is no longer taking applications, as of August 2009. Imaging drug development resources should be requested through the new NExT/CBC program which has its own application and review process. See NCI Experimental Therapeutics Program (NExT). There are 4 review dates per year, instead of the previous DCIDE submission and review process.