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Programs & Resources

Programs & Resources

  • Specialized Initiatives

    CIP has sponsored a number of programs for specific purposes, using set-aside funds. Among these are

    • Phase 2 N01 Program
    • In-Vivo Cellular & Molecular Imaging Centers (ICMICs)
    • Quantitative Imaging for Evaluation of Responses to Cancer Therapies (QIN)
    • Network for Translational Research (NTR): Optical Imaging in Multimodal Platforms
    • Small Animal Imaging Resource Program (SAIRP)
    • Development of Preclinical Drugs and Enhancers (DCIDE) program.

  • Information Systems

    The Lung Image Database Consortium (LIDC) represents an effort by CIP grantees in a consortium to create a database of spiral CT images of the lung for use in CAD (computer-aided detection) algorithm research. The Imaging Database Resources Initiative (IDRI) is extending the efforts of the LIDC, to create a larger database of spiral CT imaging of the lung for use in CAD algorithm research. Image Archive Resources contains links to Web sites related to the interests of the NCI CIP Image Archive Committee. The Molecular Imaging and Contrast Agent Database (MICAD) is a database of research data on in vivo molecular imaging and contrast agents.

  • Ultrasound Research Interface

    The ultrasound research interface permits extensive instrument parameter control of a commercially available scanner that allows access to, and export of, the beam-formed signal data while simultaneously displaying the ultrasound system-processed data as a clinical image.

  • CIP Funded Research

    Find funded imaging research in the RePORTER and NCI Research Portfolio databases.

  • NIH Roadmap & the Common Fund

    The NIH Roadmap for Medical Research is a series of high impact, trans-NIH programs supported by the NIH Common Fund. These programs address challenges that are priorities for the NIH and medical research but are issues that require the cooperation of more than one NIH institute to address.

Additional Resources